How does it work?



  • Monitoring crop growth.

  • Grazing management decisions.

  • Quantify damage by hail, freeze, pathogens, and drought.

  • Estimate crop light interception

  • Easily collect, store, and access canopy cover data for scientific use (e.g. crop model calibration).

  • Learn more.

About Us!

We are team that wants to help people in agriculture by developing decision-support tools that transcend the realm of academic research so that you can do something awesome with them. This project is possible due to the combined efforts of the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the OSU App Center, and the Soil Physics research group at Oklahoma State University.

Contact US!

Oklahoma State University
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
374 AGH, Stillwater, OK 74078

Whether you have a suggestion,  want to contribute with the Canopeo project,  or simply want to tell us how much you love Canopeo,  please send as a message to